Did you know the Canary Islands were so awesome?

Did you know the Canary Islands were so awesome?

To say that many people travel to Spain is the understatement of the decade. Rain or shine, virtually the entire world wants to come to the sunny, warm hispanic plains of Cervantes and Picasso. But did you know the Canary Islands were so awesome?

Here are some amazing (slash fun) facts about the sunny islands that welcome thousands of travelers from all corners of the world each year.

1. We know that the Netherlands, an atypical country in many ways, has two capital cities. But did you know that the same applies to the Canary Islands? If Amsterdam and the Hague are the two Dutch capital centers, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Santa Cruz de Tenerife are the two capitals of the Canaries.

2. Though the canaries are small pretty yellow birds, the latin name of the island “Insula Canaria”, actually means “The Island of the Dogs”. I don’t know about the original dogs, but the Perro de Presa Canario does actually originate from the Canary Island.

3. The highest point in Spain is El Teide (measuring over 3700 meters in height).

4. Did you know where the 1936 Spanish Civil War started? That’s right, in the Canaries. That’s because General Francisco Franco was commander here, so along with his minions, he planned the strategy away from mainland.

5. And on a lighter note, the “Silbo Gomero“ is a local whistled dialect. It is still used in La Gomera, where once upon a time, people used to communicate by whistling over large distances. However, if you are not a proficient whistler, fear not: people use regular language to converse, so you should do just fine with Spanish.

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