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Tenerife’s unusual attractions

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Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands and rejoices having the largest number of visitors of the archipelago, who are eager to live the Tenerife experience, with beautiful scenery, extreme sun rays, lovely ocean waves, great bars and restaurants.
With volcanoes, Spain’s highest mountain peak, water sports, whale watching, natural parks and caves, Tenerife is the ideal holiday destination for the adventurous.

Why Mallorca is the perfect holiday destination


Welcome to the gorgeous sunkissed Mallorca, the beautiful island whom you will fall in love with!The largest of the Balearic Island, Mallorca is part of Spain, but it definitely has a different vibration, with more rugged landscapes, lush wooded hillsides and craggy cliffs, yet preserving the Spanish touch, alongside with the Arabic and Roman influences.

There are so many wonderful places to be admired on this charming island, that time will seem to be compressing and to be flying away. No worries, if you clearly set your itinerary, you won’t miss the marvels of this beautfiful adventure of Mallorca.