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Tenerife’s unusual attractions

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Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands and rejoices having the largest number of visitors of the archipelago, who are eager to live the Tenerife experience, with beautiful scenery, extreme sun rays, lovely ocean waves, great bars and restaurants.
With volcanoes, Spain’s highest mountain peak, water sports, whale watching, natural parks and caves, Tenerife is the ideal holiday destination for the adventurous.

La Laguna: Cultural Center of Tenerife

La Laguna: Cultural Center of Tenerife

Everybody has learned to acknowledge the Canary Islands and particularly the ever-sunny and happy Tenerife as a littoral destination with much fun in the sun, but today we suggest a trip to La Laguna: Cultural Center of Tenerife. This may give you insight into the culturally relevant side of these beloved Spanish islands.