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The Canaries, a story of tourist success

The Canaries, a story of tourist success

The Tenerife and Gran Canaria are counted among the most popular islands in Europe and in the entire world. Accessible, beautiful and affordable, these destinations reaffirm the fact that The Canaries, a story of tourist success, are a relevant player in the world tourist arena.

The Canaries are thriving economically, even in times when other countries are still struggling to escape the effects of the economic crisis that has been ongoing for the past years. With a similar profile to the deeply indebted Greece, Spanish Canary Islands are the image of success, with unemployment figures down more than 6% and the number of jobs doubled in the past 5 years.

It brings hope to all European countries, especially those with tourist potential, to see the happy example of these beautiful exotic islands. Tourism councilor Alberto Bernabe stated on September 2nd 2015 that the first 7 months of the year brought almost 10.000 contracts per month. In 2010, the average was under 4.500 contracts signed. These figures apply mainly to the tourism sector. Tourism is the main source of income on the island.

Employment reached its apex in July 2015, when 13.400 new contracts were signed, over 8% more than the same time last year and a quarter more than the previous month.

There is a problem, though: summer doesn’t last forever, so nor do these jobs, most of which are temporary. “Winter is coming”, to quote a famous pop cult reference, even if only for a few months. All in all, the Canaries need to keep on working to sustain the economic growth and enable the emergence of fixed employment openings for the locals.

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