10 most beautiful attractions from Tenerife- part 1


What’s the best way to relax and to spend to best time of your life? Well, an exotic, adventurous and unforgettable holiday is the answer!
The ideal place where you can spend a neverending and amazing summer is Tenerife.
Situated in the Canary Islands, Tenerife is said to be the most fascinating and admirable island of the archipelago, gaining the fame of the island of a thousand experiences and senses.
There are plenty of things to do and to visit in Tenerife, from wonderful beaches with crystal clear waters and fine sands, imposing volcanoes, natural parks to wonderful landscapes, cliffs and peaks.
Moreover, Tenerife also still preserves beautiful historic quarters of great artistic value, which you can admire while taking a relaxing stroll, museums and charming villages full of local traditions where you can meet locals and chat with them.

1. Pico de Teide, Tenerife’s main volcano, is unquestionably a must-see. It stands 3,718 meters tall and is located in the island’s center. Because of its height, you can actually see it from practically everywhere on the island. The views from the summit can be just as thrilling as the views below because of this.
You can nearly see the entire island from there on a clear day. The views are very stunning. Furthermore, there’s no need to hike because a cable car will take you (nearly) all the way to the top.

2. If you want to spend a more leisurely day on the beach, Las Teresitas is a great beach spot to explore in the north of Tenerife. It is situated near Santa Cruz, next to the fishing community of San Andrés, at the base of the mountains. It is a top-notch beach that has received a Blue Flag.
The vast beach of golden sand, the crystal-clear waters, and the palm trees that protrude from the beaches give Las Teresitas their idyllic appearance. Additionally, a sizable sea wall shields it from the waves and keeps the seas extremely quiet.

3. Masca, a pre-Spanish Guanche town, is without a doubt one of the best locations to see in Tenerife, especially if you enjoy history.
Masca is tucked away in the island’s hilly western section, perched in the Teno Mountains. Now, although all of this makes for some dramatic scenery, it also means that if you’re not used to tight curves and a few steep dips, the roads may be pretty intimidating, but it’s definitely worthy visiting!

4. One of the most beautiful parks worldwide is Parque Garca Sanabria. A environment where you can satisfy a craving for both culture and nature is created when art and subtropical foliage are combined. The bamboo tunnel in the park, especially when the sand path is covered in lavender jacaranda blossoms it’s just a specatcular view to witness. A rainbow dances around the center attraction Fecundidad as she bathes her plump thighs in the fountain’s exquisite spray. This vista operates as a tractor beam for the eyes.

5. San Cristobal de la Laguna, the second-largest town in Tenerife, was established in the late 15th century and was the first town created in the Canary Islands.
San Cristobal de la Laguna, a city whose many stunning structures led to its designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was constructed following a grid pattern used by the Spanish during their colonial domination of the Americas.

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