A passage to the secret Tenerife Island – Part 1

A passage to the secret Tenerife Island

Since the scented and sunny month of June is already here and the rain in Spain is scarcer than ever, today we thought we’d open a passage to the secret Tenerife Island. 

Tenerife is more than a popular and crowded summer seaside destination away from mainland Spain. It is ready to jump in and provide a true and sincere experience for any visitor. The people are welcoming

and open and the scenery is absolutely breathtaking. Of course, there are those who settle with the “commercially successful” attractions – which are plentiful in the Tenerife Islands. But there are also “hidden” (or rather, less known) attractions as well. And revisiting them from time to time might be a good idea. Or so we thought today.

First – parks; there are plenty of them in Tenerife – and I don’t mean just parks with flowers and alleys, but adventure parks as well. One of them is Jungle Park, situated in the southern part of the island. The

park is as close as a European explorer can get to a jungle… in Europe, that is. It has over 300 animals from 100 different species. It is an outstanding habitat and visitors are amazed by the colorful birds flying around, the falcons and monkeys, all living peacefully in an idyllic paradise of flowers and luxuriant vegetation.

If you want to see a beautiful chick town which has survived virtually unchanged since the 15th century, a visit to Garachico is in store. The place has withstood disasters and attacks, but apart from the harbour, which has suffered a bit, the architecture and the beautiful view from the coast have remained the same.

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