A passage to the secret Tenerife Island – Part 2

A passage to the secret Tenerife Island

The Canaries are an idyllic place under the sun and every European – if not every inhabitant of this beautiful Earth – should visit at least once in a lifetime. So today we thought we’d open once again a passage to the secret Tenerife Island.

Perhaps the term “secret” is not entirely accurate. What we should call it is probably “less explored”.

That is not to say that Tenerife holds no secrets, but it is equally true that thousands of travelers have spent hundreds of years trotting every path in the archipelago, so there are many things to see and explore and they have already been discovered. Whatever the case, however, here are some of the less-known but wonderful spots to see on the island:

As far as sunbathing goes, with Tenerife being such a popular seaside resort, the beaches on the island can be a bit of a disappointment. They are black because of the volcanic ashes and not very fine. But there is one major exception to this rule: Las Teresitas Beach, with its golden, silky sand brought straight from the Sahara desert nearby. You can go for a swim with the colorful fish that have made a home of the artificial coral reef found near the shore.

As you emerge from the sea and the beach, you should take your Tenerife car rental and drive straight to San Andres, an old fishing village turned tourist attraction. Here, you can sample… what else if not the best fish dishes on one of the rustic restaurants by the beach.

And if last time we spoke of Garachico, today we suggest traveling a bit farther east to La Orotava as another beautiful historical town with wonderful architecture and traditional homes to admire. A transfer from Tenerife airport to La Orotava can actually be booked online and is pretty accessible.