La Laguna: Cultural Center of Tenerife

La Laguna: Cultural Center of Tenerife

Everybody has learned to acknowledge the Canary Islands and particularly the ever-sunny and happy Tenerife as a littoral destination with much fun in the sun, but today we suggest a trip to La Laguna: Cultural Center of Tenerife. This may give you insight into the culturally relevant side of these beloved Spanish islands.

The former capital city of Tenerife and currently the island’s second most important town, La Laguna is an awesome destination for all of you who are nostalgic for some cultural delights and willing to learn everything about the history of the place. The historic centre of San Cristobal de La Laguna has been listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites ever since December 1999 and is one of the finest proofs of Spanish classical architecture, featuring outstanding monuments and traditional houses which have been standing ever since the 17th century. King Phillip II with the aid of his famous engineer, Torriani, built most of La Laguna in the 16th century and some of the ancient buildings still exist and are now protected.

Here is what you can visit on a tour of San Cristobal La Laguna:

Having been built in the 16th century, the Church of La Conception serves as the main center for all of the other parishes in Tenerife. Its tower is representative of the city of La Laguna, as well as the statue ensemble which features works such as La Predilecta (La Dolorosa) by artist Jose Lujan Perez, or Estevez’s last carving, San Pedro y La Inmaculada Concepcion, finished around the time of the 1848 European Revolutions.

Although it has suffered some alterations since its building in the 1700’s, the Town Hall is a must-see, as is the interesting museum Casa de los Capitanes (former home to several general captains, including its founder, Diego de Alvarado-Bracamonte, who built the mansion at the beginning of the 17th century). It also hosts the La Laguna City Museum and the the International Heritage Conservation Centre and its patio is a beautiful place to stroll along and take a breath fresh air.

Conclusion? Tenerife is not only a seaside resort. But for whatever reasons you come to visit, you can book the most reliable Tenerife airport transfers online.