Tenerife, home of the Carnival!


Dear friends, how long is it since we last traveled to the wonderful land of the Canaries? Today we remember Tenerife, home of the Carnival!

The end of winter and the passing from the cold and dark season to brighter and warmer days has been celebrated with great feasts throughout Europe ever since the beginning of history. The tradition of the Carnival in its common acceptation was born in Medieval Europe. With its ancestral roots, the tradition has lived on and today we celebrate a version – albeit modern – of the Carnival.

Spain is hailed as being a place where people really know how to organize a “fiesta”!
The Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is internationally recognized as the second largest carnival in the world, a faithful image of the grandiose Carnival in Brazil. As all grand feasts go, this year’s Tenerife Carnival lasts for a good couple of weeks.

It is in fact scheduled to begin on February 11th 2017 with the Murgas Contest. This is a theatrical performance by troubadours especially dressed in costumes for the occasion.
The true start of the fun, however, is given on February 24th with the grand opening Parade. Prepare to be amazed by thousands of dancers, costumed performers and passers-by, all eager to join in the fun.

February 26th is Day-Time Carnival, a perfect occasion for families to get together for activities.
28th February is another memorable date: the Grand Carnival Parade. It starts at 4 PM and you will want to be there, taking colorful pictures of the amazing costumes and chariots, dancing and singing to the Latino rhythms.

The Carnival is scheduled to end on March 4th with another day of live activities and entertainment.
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