Tenerife’s unusual attractions

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Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands and rejoices having the largest number of visitors of the archipelago, who are eager to live the Tenerife experience, with beautiful scenery, extreme sun rays, lovely ocean waves, great bars and restaurants.
With volcanoes, Spain’s highest mountain peak, water sports, whale watching, natural parks and caves, Tenerife is the ideal holiday destination for the adventurous.

Allow yourself to be charmed by the beautiful historic town of Garachico, situated in northern Tenerife, an hour drive away from the capital Santa Cruz. This colorful location was founded 500 years ago by Italian merchants and eventually became the economic centre of Tenerife.
Garachico’s main attractions include the natural pools carved in the rugged volcanic landscape, the elegant Plaza de la Libertad, the 16th-century Castillo de San Miguel and the ex-convent of San Francisco.
This nice city should definitely be on your list of places to visit in Tenerife for a relaxed stroll in the afternoon!

Another fascinating location is Taganana, a hidden hamlet in Anaga Rural Park, which was completely cut off from the rest of the island – and subsequently, the world – until the 1950s when a road was established.
The small city in the middle of the mountains of Anaga is really worth the visit! Taganana was founded in 1501, and is therefore one of the oldest cities on the whole island. Taganana also has one of the first churches of Tenerife which is known for the precious triptych in the prayer room.
Taganana is perfect for hiking. In this area you will find a lot of hiking paths that lead to the surrounding green mountains. Enjoying the original and wild nature of Tenerife, you will be able to completely relax while having a wonderful adventure.

If you’re interested in more unusual attractions in Tenerife, a visit to Chinamada, which is another tiny hamlet in the north of Tenerife’s Anaga mountain range, is the ideal thing to do!
Chinamada is home to a unique community who live in a group of modernised cave houses. Basically, Chinamada is a cave village which is still inhabited today and I think it’s absolutely fantastic to be living in the middle of the nature, enjoying its treasures at their fullest.

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