The best June 2016 in Tenerife

The best June 2016 in Tenerife

Summer is here! It’s final and we’re loving the warmth and the sun and the fact that the season for going to Spain for the seaside. Let’s spend the best June 2016 in Tenerife.

The Tenerife Island is one of those places where there’s always something going on. Summer, of course, is the busiest time of them all; and the happiest. Here are just a few of the most interesting and prominent events in Tenerife scheduled for the first month of summer.

In Spain – and in the regions that belong to the country, even though they might be located away from the mainland – the sacred and the profane entwine. Most carnivals have a religious origin, as well as a folkloric constituent. Such is the case with the Feast of Corpus Christi, celebrated on the Thursday after the feast of the Trinity Sunday. This traditional celebration brings color and excitement to the streets of La Orotava, as well as a merry procession through the city. A natural tapestry made of volcanic sand and flower petals is laid on the ground in front of the town hall. In the evening, the carpet goes to waste, being trampled on as part of the procession.

Almost every Friday, throughout June, you can join the musicians of the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra at the  Auditorio de Tenerife in Santa Cruz. Virtuoso musicians and amateurs can enjoy and even make music in a liberal and blissful atmosphere.

June in Tenerife ends with another awesome festival (the biggest in Santa Cruz): the Fiesta de San Juan on Midsummer’s Day. The festival occupies two days, June 23rd and 24th, and honors the saint with bonfires, street parties and much fun.

For all these events and more, you need some means of transportation. Ready to jump to the rescue, Tenerife Airport transfers are accessible and really convenient, especially during the high season, when the streets are so crowded.