The Tenerife Carnival 2015

The Tenerife Carnival 2015

Are you in the mood for dancing? Then the best thing to do is join in the Tenerife Carnival 2015. The party is in full swing in February, as the islanders of Tenerife and thousands of foreign tourists come to celebrate the second biggest Carnival in the world today.

The history of carnivals goes back to ancient Greece. In the Middle Ages, the Carnivals were a mixture of profane, pagan celebrations and religiousness, as the Christian Church tried to replace the old with the new.

The Carnival in Tenerife is part of the UNESCO World Heritage and has been celebrated since the early days of European settlement, though it was only recorded in the 1600s for the first time.

Today, the Tenerife Carnival, celebrated every February, attracts thousands of tourists and has an annual theme. This year, they celebrate The Future. Basically, the Carnival is celebrated with chariots, masks and costumes, fireworks, dance and loud, merry music in every town of the Canary Islands, but the most grand displays are in Santa Cruz and Puero de la Cruz.

This year, the Carnival of Tenerife started on January 21st and is bound to end on February 22nd. Concerts, parades, costumes and dance contests for adults and children, but also fireworks are in store for the coming weeks.

Depending on the event, the entry can be free of not. The prices of the tickets (again, depending on the event day) start at around 10 Euro.

If you are in the Tenerife for the Carnival or if you are planning to travel there in the coming days, you are still in time to book a car rental in Tenerife or make an online reservation for a Tenerife airport transfer.

So hurry up, get your flashy costume and dancing shoes and let’s go dancing in Tenerife!