What to do when in Tenerife in March

What to do when in Tenerife in March

Dearest Spain fans (and we know you are many). Winter is over and we all know what that means, right?

It means it’s time we went to the seaside and with averages of almost 20 degrees Celsius in March, that’s an option, though the water of the sea might be a bit cool. So the context still begs the question: What to do when in Tenerife in March.

Here are some of the most important March 2016 events scheduled to take place in the Tenerife Islands. Tenerife hosts an outstanding photography exhibition and it’s no wonder: with scenery as picturesque as that, the islands are also a perfect setting for an international cultural event such as the Tenerife International Photography Festival. It has reached its 13th edition and promises many surprises related to the production of photographs, shows and techniques in the remaining days (since the festival actually started in February of last year).

Can you dance? Then you should really be close to the dance floor this spring with the Tenerife Dance Up Championship held in La Orotava on March 6th. It’s the first edition of this local urban dance contest and lots of young people seeking to express their art through dance are welcome to come dance.

The Spanish are notorious for their many bank holidays. What would March be without its day off? This year, the day is the 24th of March, when we celebrate Maundy Thursday. The celebration, also called “Holy Thursday”, falls in the week before Easter and commemorates Jesus’ Last Supper. Above all, if you are traveling to Spain or the Canaries in that period, we urge you to pay attention because many institutions and shops are likely to be closed.

How do we travel in the islands? There are two main options: one is car rental Tenerife, the other is to opt for a private taxi service with Tenerife airport transfers.