What’s going on in the Canaries in November 2015?

What’s going on in the Canaries in November 2015?

How about traveling to an exotic island in low season? What’s going on in the Canaries in November 2015?

With weather averages around 20 degrees Celsius, we say it’s definitely warm enough for a holiday in the Canary Islands, even though summer is long gone by now. But apart from going to the beach and sightseeing, there are also a few exciting events to attend this November. Here are a few of them:

If the Westerners (especially the Americans) end October with the colorful and spooky Halloween, in Tenerife the 1st of November is the day we celebrate All Saints’ Day (or Dia de Todos los Santos). It is the moment for the living to remember and honor all the hollow, but also to celebrate life.

Also from the 1st to the 3rd of November 2015, you are invited to go fly a kite in Corralejo, Fuerteventura. The Kite Festival has been held every year in November since 1987. The sky will fill with color and the atmosphere with excitement as over 100 people will come enjoy the island wind and launch their kites up in the air.

Finally, November ends with a celebration that combines spirituality and good cheer. On the 29th of November, Tenerife celebrates the feast of San Andres. Puerto de la Cruz celebrates both the religious feast and a campy wine market that features all the local wineries that come to exhibit their best, sweetest and wines. There are many kiosks open serving more than beverages: the scent of warm sardines, cheeses and sweets fills the air.

Do you feel like having a holiday? Take care to book local transportation in advance. Even during low season, the island can look like a maze and getting around can be a bit confusing. A Tenerife airport transfer would be more than welcome.